Finest Mountain Resort.
Santa Cruz, Ca.
There are many miles of hiking & bicycling
trails directly across the river from our cottages.
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See trail descriptions below.

REDWOOD LOOP TRAIL (.8 MILES): Biggest trees in the area. Wheel chair and stroller accessible. No bikes, horses or dogs allowed.
RIVER TRAIL (1.6 Miles): Flat easy walk along the river to Eagle creak, than aggressive hike to points south. No bikes or dogs. Bikes use pipeline road.
GARDEN OF EDEN (1 MILE): Park at Ox Trail turnout on Hwy. 9, walk down hill to tracks. Head south following tracks for about 1/2 mile than at the pack you trash signs proceed down Eden trail. Moderately aggressive hike, some steep terrain. You will find deep river swimming pools amongst large boulders in the gorge. Advisory, sometimes nudity is found in this location. No Dogs or bikes.
RIDGE FIRE ROAD: Horse trodden soft sand spots require additional mountain bike skill to transverse.
OBSERVATION DECK: From here, on a clear day you can see the entire Monterey bay. You may wish to pack a light weight lunch for this location.
POWDER MILL (1.5 miles): Sandy and steep between pine trail and pipeline.
Warning: Trails down to the river are steep and slippery when wet. Poison Oak and Stinger Nettles are common in this area. Although highly unlikely wild boar and mountain lions can be in this area. Other wildlife such as deer, skunks, Raccoons ect. can be very dangerous if cornered. All trails are use at your own risk. It is your responsibility to make sure you bring any safety equipment you may need. It is always best to hike in large groups. Bring a compass and a GPS if you have one. The rivers and creeks pose a drowning hazard and can become a raging torrent during rains. Fern River Resort accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of this map or any event that may happen while you are in this area.


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